Wednesday, 25 October, 1865

The weather continues good. I awoke at day and found Mr. Carroway up and waiting for his coffee, which he requested me to have for him the night before, as he would be unable to remain to breakfast. Had a very nice breakfast ready ½ past nine o’clk. The old Col. sent by Hal to request me to have some coffee for him that he would have to leave before breakfast, but I sent him word that the only way he could get coffee would be to remain to breakfast. He did so. – – All, excepting some eight or ten, left after breakfast. Hal had a severe chill and had to go to bed and take medicine. Mrs. Brumley is a great nurse. – – We had late dinner and all preferred retiring without supper. I laid down to take a nap and do not believe I should have waked before day, but for Mrs. Brumley, who was sitting up with Hal. – – Mag left this morning. Was uneasy about Ju, who was taken sick Tuesday at court and could not attend Bake’s marriage. – – Corbin left this morning. I paid him 57 cents too much, could not make the change.