Thursday, 26 October, 1865

A fine morning. After breakfast Mrs. Brumley and Hal left, and the Lieut. and Bake took a ride on horseback with them as far as Ju’s to see him. Found him very sick. Sent for me by them to come up, but I am too much indisposed myself to go. – – They returned to dinner. Late dinner again, and no supper. All sat at tables so long and ate so heartily, they wanted no supper and I retired early. The Lieut. invited Hardie and the children to sit in his room till bedtime. – – Patsy washed today. She is a good and faithful servant and always true to her trust. – – Parky attends exclusively to Bake’s room and is quite attentive to her wishes. – – My health is so feeble that I cannot discharge my duties as I have been in the habit of doing, which mortifies me so much.