Friday, 27 October, 1865

Weather still fine. I am too much indisposed to go to breakfast. Frederick got into one of his humors this morning and asked Bill for a discharge. He discharged him forthwith. – – Zac has been in bed ever since Tuesday. Gave him tartar emetic that day and he dressed himself to see Bake married and has been sick ever since from violent cold and neuralgia. I am too feeble to go up and down stairs to see how he is. – – Sat at table to dinner, but feeling badly all the time. – – Had sponge cake, custard and wine for dinner. All seemed to enjoy themselves very much. Bake’s room seems to be a specimen of romantic bliss. The Lieut. frequently invites us all in to sit. – – By invitation, we are all to dine at Mrs. Hill’s tomorrow. – – Sold Mrs. Lewis 3 bushels wheat @ $3. per bushel yesterday evening. Roland came for it. – – Also sold Larkin 1As with the 25 October entry the sentence just ends with a small space between there and the next entry. It is as if Caroline was distracted and meant to return, but didn’t.