Saturday, 28th October, 1865

Quite a pretty day after the fine rain yesterday evening and last night about eleven. All, i.e. as many as the carriage could hold, got ready to dine with Mrs. Hill. I got out at the C. H. to spend the day with Ju, who is quite sick and I’ve not been able to go to see him yet. I went into Patrick Slaughter’s store for the first time to return 5 pounds sugar. (He owes me a dollar.) I then walked over to Ju’s to see him and met with Rose and Hill, who soon left. After dinner, I was taken with a high fever which lasted me nearly all night. Ju would make me to lie on the bed by him, thinking the carriage would be late returning. I requested Zac when I left to come up in the buggy for me early, but he failed to do so. I suppose it was 7 or 8 o’clk. when he got there, and of course had to return alone. Met the carriage when he came up. – – Ju seems to revive a good deal since I got here. – – I’ve certainly enjoyed lemonade today. – – Sold Ju two pounds butter @ $.60 per pound.