Wednesday, 1 November, 1865

I am feeling as well as I could possibly expect to feel this morning, being my chill day, but it comes on late in the evening. Commenced taking quinine after breakfast. Bake made the pills and I succeeded in missing my chill. The Lieut. has been anxious to come in to see me all the time, and I permitted him to come in and sit some time all together around the fire. He is so affectionate. Wishes me to consider him just as one of the other children. He and Hardie were very interesting in conversation and all sat around the fire and participated until bedtime. Bake withdrew before the rest, feeling a little indisposed, and at the same time expecting to make an early start for Richmond in the morning. Hardie did not succeed in hiring Mr. White’s carriage and horses this morning, and as their time is definite, will have to contrive the best way I can to send them as far as Richmond.