Wednesday, 8 November, 1865

I am still in bed, very feeble. Hardie assists Bill in his jobbing about the stables, &c. Makes himself useful generally. He is an obliging, good child and always obedient to my wishes. – – Zac’s rather the reverse, has not gotten over being a spoiled child yet. I am anxious that he should assist in getting in the corn, as we have no surplus hands. – – But instead of that, would forget all about the corn and find himself, perhaps till eleven o’clk. sitting in Pigeo’s room with her talking of love and the girls reading poetry, copying songs, &c. He went up to Walkerton Mill this evening. Returned at dark and then they all went up the river after geese. Killed several, but only got one, a very fine one. – – when they returned, Bill went about making preparations for killing some of his hogs. – – Hardie rode to Ju’s this evening. He killed his pork last night. Nan rode Shakespeare to the store to get Pigeo a spool of cotton and rode back with Hardie.