Thursday, 16 November, 1865

Hardie remained at Ju’s last night, and Bill thought he would like to go to Jerusalem, so I sent Martha up to let Hardie know he wanted Fannie, and also sent for a gallon of oyster Ju bought for me at $1. – – Bill changed his mind again and didn’t go, so Hardie rode Fannie and Zac took Pigeo and Nan to Jerusalem in the buggy. Pigeo remained at Ju’s and the rest got home ½ past 3. Got something to eat, and we all, except Zac, went to the night meeting. He sat up till we returned. I was very much pleased with the Dr. – – Had an oyster stew after we got back. All enjoyed them very much. Pigeo returned with us. She is the picture of good health now. Is as fat and ruddy as a mountain girl, and they tease her almost to death about Billy Gregory.1This may be “cousin” William Gregory who we met 24 June, 1865. He and his brothers are frequent visitors at Woodbury. – – Patsy washed today.