Friday, 24 November, 1865

This day four weeks ago Bake was married. The time seems so short. Fine morning for Hardie and Pigeo to make another start. The stars are out beautifully, and they are making preparation for the purpose. I had all waked up, and I am now writing in my journal. Roosters are crowing and day is just breaking. – – Well, the evening has closed in after a beautiful day and I am sitting alone in my chamber. Nannie’s quite sick in bed and has just fallen asleep. Pigeo and Hardie left about ½  past eight. Drove two mules to the buggy, looking first rate. Though she was so anxious to go to school, she shed a good many tears at parting with all. – – Bill and Zac have gone up the river after geese, though I know they are both tired after cutting out and salting up 19 hogs today. I have been busy in the kitchen nearly all day about lard and sausage, and feeling right much indisposed withall. Have the loaf fat to ty up tomorrow – – Sent Mrs. Lipscomb some fresh meat by Martha. She is in a great deal of trouble. On account of the death of a near relative, she takes the little children to take care of. – – Gave Nan blue mass and calomel tonight.