Saturday, 25 November, 1865

This has been a lovely day. I’ve spent most of it in the kitchen about my lard. Nan has been in bed most of the day taking quinine. Is much better than she was yesterday. – – Had the potatoes brought in out of the mound that was robbed the other night. They only left 7 hampers full. I think it’s very doubtful whether they will keep after being exposed as they have been. Had Shakespeare brought in the yard this evening. His feet are very much swollen. I went out after dark and walked about the yard. The moon shone beautifully, and the weather is so mild. Saw Dandridge at the kitchen door, who said he wanted money to buy Martha a pair of shoes. I gave him three dollars and gave Martha permission to go with him to meeting. The night is so beautiful. Made her come in the dining room and season a small quantity of sausage meat before she started. Sent some of it and some milk to the quarters for them all to get their suppers before they start. Had my fowls caught and put in the henhouse. Good many of them roost out. – – Everything is so quiet now. Pigeo and Hardie are gone and Bill and Zac are up the river after geese. Nan and I are the only ones in the house, and blind John the only one in the yard. I permit him to occupy the kitchen and let the door remain unlocked at night on that account. Things are so different now from what they used to be when Frederick’s noisy crowd were in the yard.