Wednesday, 29 November, 1865

To my mortification, found it raining this morning and Hardie has not returned, and when Bill came down just at day, the ground was covered with snow, the first we have had this fall. We have had a very mild fall so far. Though the day is so bad, I can’t help looking for Hardie. – – I have been busy today about a chemise for Nan, and she darning socks for the boys. – – Bill’s having peas beaten out at the barn. He retired quite early, about eight. Hardie arrived, traveled through a very inclement day. Brought me a letter from Bake she wrote from Savannah. Just reached him and is very much pleased with her new home. Hardie brought bad accounts from Uncle Bartlett’s family. He is dead, and they are suffering for necessaries of life. – – He wrote to Mr. Goss to meet them at Cobham Depot, but the day being too inclement for Pigeo to turn out, he came home after engaging Liv to take her to school.1Cobham is today an unincorporated community in Albemarle County on Virginia Route 22. It is about 7 miles from Gordonsville. The train still runs through it. Gave Liv $20, or the 25 I gave him, to pay expenses and to bring me the remainder. Also gave him $35 in silver for Mr. Goss. – – Collected the corn money at Mr. Davis at last. He refused to pay interest. Liv retained $10 of that and Hardie spent 3 ¾. – – Fixed my souse today. Made two very pretty moulds. Patsy’s sick, Martha got dinner.