Thursday, 30 November, 1865

A tolerably good day today. – – Hardie went with Zac up the river as he went to mill. They returned to late dinner. – – Martha got breakfast and Patsy dinner. – – Nan darned stockings. – – I require her to practice an hour every day and more if she is inclined to do so. Next Monday she will commence reading “Josephers” (Josephus) and to improve her handwriting, &c.1We do not know which of the five books by Josephus is being used as a text for the Littlepage children. I am guessing they chose the¬†autobiography rather than his Jewish histories. Will commence a composition book. The rest of her time she shall employ usefully, and have as much recreation as she needs. Promised her a ride on Shakespeare every evening if she is diligent and industrious. Bill finished beating out peas and the few beans we made, and had a load of wood brought to boil molasses tomorrow. Intends grinding cane if nothing prevents.