Thursday, 7 December, 1865

I arose early this morning and repaired a shirt by the lamp. Then wrote in my journal. Finished Bake’s letter and sent it by Tom to Richmond this morning. Wish I had know his intention of going sooner. I would have written to Mary and Liv. Am anxious to hear from Pigeo. Gave Ju another dollar. Owe him $.50. Zac copied some recipes for Bake out of my book. Bill and Hardie are out with their guns most of the day. Ju sent Bartlett down to request me to get him some oysters when the boat passes down the river. I sent him three fine shad by him. He has been sick again. – – I am doubling and having twisted some red and white yarn for some socks for Stuart. Also, some fine sewing cotton for Martha to twist. – – Plated Nan’s blue muslin skirt and out out the body for her. – – A Mr. Ike came to enquire whether a man had been here to rent a house.1The unknown Mr. Ike does not reappear.