Wednesday, 13 December, 1865

A bright, beautiful morning. Nan and I were up very soon and Martha perked coffee before light. Bill undertook to make a finish of the sugar cane today. Hardie and Zac attended to it while he rode to the C. H. to ascertain something respecting the Federal Taxes and to know the amount of our taxes.1King William County’s Federal Excise Tax list for 1866 shows Mrs. C.B. Littlepage owing a dollar each for a carriage and watch, and 2.00 for her piano. Zac thoughtlessly made a fire under the boilers and cracked one of them. Bill returned just before night. Had the molasses brought in. It doesn’t pay to put off grinding as late as this. Yields very little, comparatively speaking, and the molasses is not as bright. – – Bill brought the news of Mary King’s marriage to Col. McLaughlin at Mr. Spiller’s yesterday morning by Mr. Turner.2The marriage of the “old” Col. to Caroline’s niece (28), who we first met back on 11 June, 1864, seems to come as a surprise to Caroline. Corbin came last night to see if I would not take his family back to live. He is willing to come he says on almost any terms. I told him $60 was the most I would give him by the year and rent him a house for his family.