Thursday, 14 December, 1865

Arose very early this morning and cut out a pair of very nice Va. cloth pants for Zac, and I basted them and Nan stitched them up while I did other pants. Zac is trimming off and fixing up the flowers in the circle. He is very fond of flowers and I like to see it, shows a refinement of taste. He attended to Addison carrying manure in the garden at the same time. Martha is preparing a little piece of ground in the garden for the balance of my onions. – – Nan has to neglect her studies right much, but after Xmas she will be able to do better. – – She assists me a good deal in housekeeping. She will be more fond of it when she is done her dress. Bill had the cane mill taken up this morning. He and Hardie killed 4 ducks, and after getting a snack, he went to see Jeff Hill about sending by him to Richmond.1Jefferson Hill is recorded as heading a free Black family in King William from 1840, when he would have been about 20, to 1860. In 1850 his family‚Äôs listing is next to the Lewis Littlepages. While I have not been able to find him listed in the 1870 Census he does appear in 1880, living in West Point. He may be the T. Jeff Hill recorded as a US customs inspector for West Point in 1873. Didn’t get back till in the night. The boys generally sit in my chamber and read till bedtime. Zac reads the Bible to me before he retires. Bill carried 8 wild ducks to Jeff.