Saturday, 16 December, 1865

Still severely cold. The boys have tried hard today to kill some game for Mary. Hardie thinks of going to Danville in a few days, and will go by then. I do think it is a shame that we cannot have a mail from Richmond done. – – I mended up and cleaned some kid gloves for Hardie today. Zac’s pants fit him beautifully. – – Nannie’s blue dress fits her well also. She deserves all the credit for it. – – Tom has been sick ever since he came from Richmond. He is beginning to go out a little. I agreed with him to sign him till the 1st of Jan., at which time will hire him if I like. – – I am signing Corbin also till he can get away to bring his family down. We find it very difficult to get a tumbrel. – – The hands are getting wood. Addison cuts it up at the woodpile. – – Sent Martha to Ju’s to carry them some galivant peas for soup. – – Bill and Zac went up to Walkerton Mill today. Brought my water bucket, for which I am to pay $.75.