Monday, 18 December, 1865

I am feeling much better this morning. Commenced letters to Bake and Mary for Hardie to take to Richmond tomorrow on his way to Danville. Rose very early and wrote till light. Killed a fine little beef this morning and returned the quarter we got of Ju. It looks 13 lbs. of being the same weight. Sent it up by Addison in the tumbrel. He sent Bartlett down for 4 pounds butter. I sent it to him @ $.50 per pound. – – Cut out a vest and roundabout for Zac (Va. cloth). Finished Hardie’s three pairs of white kid gloves and commenced cleaning and repairing Saturday. – – He and Zac went out and killed four wild ducks and a goose before dinner. I am very certain I had an ague about eleven o’clk. tonight. Zac rode to the C. H. to meeting and returned at nine. Bill went out to look for geese. Came in about eleven.