Tuesday, 19 December, 1865

An intolerable day for a journey, and I am so sorry. Hardie hesitated whether he would go or not, but decided to start about ten. Sent a couple of quarters of beef to Richmond to be sold. Hardie carried some wild fowls, a goose, four ducks and some partridges. Sent Mary some soup peas and potatoes. Sent letters to Bake and Mary. – – Loaned Hardie five dollars in greenbacks. He carried a ten dollar gold piece of his own. He carried my umbrella also. Sent a two gallon carboy for 2 gallons whiskey and a jug for a gallon lamp oil, ten pounds sugar, and a pair of shoes for Zac. Expect Liv to bring the buggy and things down on Thursday when he comes to spend his Xmas. It seems to me I am all the time complaining my health is intolerable. Patsy washed today. Hired Corbin a mule and tumbrel to bring his family down.