Friday, 22 December, 1865

A very beautiful day. Nearly finished Zac’s jacket. Martha ironed. My hen hatched today. Set her on ten eggs 8th day of Dec. and she hatched every egg. Nan and I went out to put them in the weaving room. – – Bill and Zac walked up to meeting again tonight. Liv and Rose came about dark, and Nan went into ecstasy. Had supper for them. The boys came while they were at supper. – – Liv brought me all the things I sent for by Hardie, 2 gals. whiskey, a gal. oil, ten pounds sugar, pair shoes for Zac $4 ¾. – – Sold the beef for $.08 ½ pr. pound. Bill has had some nice wood hauled at the pile. Brought letters from the C. H. from Pigeo for Nan and myself. She is very well pleased with her school.