Friday, 29 December, 1865

Quite a bright and beautiful morning, and I looked for Ju and Mag certainly to come down today and spend several days with us, but the former came about eleven and said both couldn’t come. Went out to meet with the boys, Bill, Liv and Zac, who had gone shooting before he came. He looks badly, his health is very indifferent. – – Poor child! It grieves me to see him in so much trouble. Wish I knew how to advise him or what to advise him to do. Unfortunate alliance! Why can’t the children be happy and contented in the enjoyment of each others society. These times are too critical and precarious anyway. Why do anything to mar the few tranquil moments we may enjoy in this life. I am in favor of marriage, but where there is no congeniality in married life, but a defiant and unyielding spirit, I had rather see them as distant as the poles. – – Mr. Smith, Yankee, came for the cows, four choice ones for $160.1Smith, the Yankee from King & Queen, does not return. Liv rode Fannie away to take Miss __ to the party tonight at Mr. Robins.2Here Caroline inserts a blank for the name of Liv’s Miss, continuing her rather coy descriptions of her children’s courtships. The children have no consideration or thought farther than the enjoyment of the present moment. – – Let Martha go with Dandridge to spend the day at Mr. Lipscomb. – – Dellah cooked dinner, Nannie fixed the table. Dr. Ju and some others will come tomorrow to hunt partridges, nothing preventing.