Monday, 1 January, 1866

The rain is coming down in torrents. What a disagreeable time Liv must have had. It commenced raining before bedtime. – – The rain slacked somewhat about 1 o’clk. and Bill ventured to the C. H., gave him $10. The freed men all went up to see how things were going. We have been finding them ever since Xmas day and no work commenced yet. They certainly enjoy their liberty and freedom to its fullest extent, and am happy in seeing them appreciate their situation. – – I have heard some of them revert to the time when they were in bondage. I can’t help from calling to mind the Children of Israel. Though it many not apply to them, still it often occurs to my mind. – – Bill does not return tonight. Zac went up to Walkerton Mill. Had meal ground and returned about 4 o’clk. Sent $.75 to the old man who made a cedar bucket for me. – – Patsy cooks this week. She and Dellah take it alternately.