Wednesday, 3rd January, 1866

The most intolerably gloomy weather I ever experienced. The sight of the sun I think would give me new life. – – I have been sewing a little on Zac’s vest today. – – Lost one of my little chicks today. – – Nan and Rose carry on their studies very well. Nan has taken her 3rd drawing lesson, written one composition, reads and studies Scholar’s Companion, practices and keeps a “journal, or diary”.1 – – I took a nap from 7 to ½ past 8. Arose just while Hardie laid across the foot of my bed and slept an hour or so. Bill and I sat alone. He read Maj. Jones’ Travels and I knit on Zac’s socks till ten, then retired.2 I awoke Hardie, who had taken a nap, arose and continued writing his letters, and then he and I talked till after 1 o’clk. Gave me the particulars respecting his trip.

  1. As the “Scholar’s Companion” was popular over the years, we have no way of knowing which edition Nan was using. As it is certainly a hand-me-down, it is likely an earlier edition than the linked titlepage. Rufus W. Bailey, by the way, lived and worked in Virginia for a time.  (back)
  2. See entry for 15 September, 1865 for information about Maj. Jones.  (back)