Saturday, 6th January, 1866

Quite a pretty day. Gave the day to Patsy and Martha, according to our arrangements. Ju came about ten and staid till 2. Hardie put on his skates and all the children went to the ice pond skating, Nan and Rose had a great deal of fun they said. – – Zac and Nan rode to spend the evening with Lue Lipscomb.1Miss Lee Lipscomb appeared in Caroline’s text 21 August, 1864. In the attached footnote it was suggested this is Sarah Louise Libscomb, eldest daughter of Sterling Brett Lipscomb and Angeline Ellett. They live at Mount Hope, the Littlepage’s previous residence. Sarah Louise appears to have had multiple nicknames taken from Louise, including Lue, Lee, Lou and Loula. Caroline will soon settle on Lu as her nickname. Returned to supper. – – Martha baked some bread in the kitchen, and I had a nice partridge stew in the chamber. It was delightful.