Tuesday, 9th January, 1866

Still as cold. The boys skate on the river. I think some of them walked across. – – Nan and Rose carry on their studies very well. The servants are getting wood, but it is too cold for that. I don’t think they can earn their rations. Randall’s sick today and yesterday. – – Hardie rode to Ju’s this evening to have some letters mailed, one to Arledge and the other to “  ” .1Caroline is again very careful not to write the name the person Hardie is corresponding with. Hardie’s “Delcina” perhaps? I repaired a pair of cloth pants for Hardie today. – – Bill fixed a place for smoking bacon. Gave it the first smoke today. – – O the week is so cold. – – I am anxious to hear from Bake and Pigeo again. I’ve not received a letter for nearly a month from either of them. I have my time so much taken up and occupied each day that I have not a great deal to devote to serious thoughts about them, and my health being so feeble withall.