Wednesday, 10th January, 1866

Zac started to school this morning, but soon returned. The Col. was sick. He joined Hardie, Nan and Rose on the river, who were there skating. All of them went across to the low grounds. – – I looked over Bake’s box today, thinking to find her muslin quilt in there. I have looked everywhere else for it, but have not found it. I am thinking about getting a box ready for Bill to take to Richmond when he goes over to send by Adams Express.1Caroline mistakenly writes “Adam’s.” That has been corrected here. – – Nan has complained very much all the evening and had a high fever. Gave about 15 grains Blue Mass tonight. My side is pretty well peppered with pimples from the effects of Croton oil. – – Bill spent the day at Ju’s. Said Mag and Horace were coming down to spend the day tomorrow. Randall went out sometime today.