Thursday, 11th January, 1866

Rather an ugly looking morning. The weather somewhat moderated though. – – Mag, Horace and Stuart came early to spend the day, which turned out to be a very pretty one. – – Hardie walked back with Mag and Horace to spend the night with Ju. I kept Stuart with me. He was so anxious to stay. – – Patsy cooked dinner today. – – Mag spoke of Bake’s letter she had just received. She is very well, but very much disturbed at not receiving any letters from any of us, though so many have been written her by different ones. I certainly think it’s strange and cannot account for it. I will not write another until I send her box, and will see if one can reach her in that way. I hope Bill will be able to go to Richmond very soon now, and I will try and fix up a box and send by him in the wagon and put a letter in that.