Monday, 15th January, 1866

Zac commenced school today to the Col. Cold and disagreeable day, commenced hailing and snowing about eleven. Sent Miss Attila six pounds yarn, 3 white for double cloth and the colored for striped.1Miss Allison remans unidentified; suggestions welcomed. It seems she is doing some weaving for Caroline. UPDATE: Thanks to Nancy’s comment below a recheck of the original text shows it is indeed Miss Attila, not Allison, who received the six pounds of yarn. Thanks again Nancy. Told Martha to go on from there and carry Stuart’s things and bring some books home we loaned Mag. Sent him some potatoes. – – Hardie’s cleaning up his gun and getting ready to go to Elsing Green to spend some time with Roger, June and William.2Roger would be Roger Gregory, later “Judge” Gregory, about 31. Roger’s mother was Maria G. Ellett, Caroline’s aunt. William would have been elder brother William Gregory. “June” is likely Junius C. Gregory, the third of Maria’s four boys. – – Doubled knitting yarn and Patsy turned some in the kitchen. I took those pills Ju gave me.