Thursday, 18th January, 1866

This has been quite a pretty day. The walking is right bad for Zac, but he has not missed a day this week. – – Bill rode Fannie to the C. H. to see a tumbrel Mr. Slaughter spoke to him about. Found it too large for his purposes and declined taking it. – – Mr. Slaughter gave him some information respecting an old Chancery suit between Dugar’s and Meredith’s Estate.1It seems that more than two decades earlier Lewis Littlepage was administrator of an estate that became involved in a law suit. Here is an reference to the suit from the October 24, 1845 edition of the Richmond Inquirer. Said the suit had been decided before the war at last and the parties were ready for the money agreeable to Mr. Jasper Roe’s statement.2I have not identified this Mr. Roe. He returned to dinner. I finished Bake’s letter and put it in her box.