Thursday, 25th January, 1866

The weather is wet and disagreeable. The hands went to _ ?_ , but Randolph left the field after breakfast and Corbin sometime after. – – Find upon going in the store room today a large quantity of my best soap missing. I suppose about 40 pounds, perhaps more. No one has access to the room but Martha. I don’t know what course to pursue about it. It’s more than I can afford to lose quietly. – – Horace came down to bring some clothes for Stuart. I am busy doubling again today for Martha to twist. I am so sorry she is developing such a character. I have thought her more honest than the generality of servants. – – Bill rode Fannie to a sociable at Mr. Warburton’s this evening.1John E. Warburton, King William’s only Warburton, first appears in the KW PP tax roll in 1861. By 1866 he owns 2 horses or mules, 4 cattle, 8 sheep, and 5 hogs. He has 100$ of household and kitchen furniture. But he is not listed as owning land. The next year he is not listed at all. Mr. Warburton seem to have been born in James City County and married Edna Wilson Pemberton in December, 1860. After his leaving the KW tax rolls the trail is cold until 1880 until he appears in the West Point US Census records. He is 49 and a “Carpenter & Farmer.” As he has a 23 year old step-daughter living with him, as well as two younger daughters, it seems Mr. Warburton married a widow with a small child in 1860. Caroline will mention him once again, this May 26th. Hardie declined going. Zac rode a mule to school.