Friday, 26th January, 1866

Quite a pretty day. Bill returned about ten from the party, retired and slept a few hours. Arose to dinner and went out to see about a sheep that had lost her lamb. I sent some meal and salt. Hardie carried it. I am in hopes she will recover after a while. – – Had brine boiled and put to the corned beef. – – Had a smoke made, which I think will be nearly sufficient for the bacon. Had an elegant “molly hare” hung up to smoke that Hardie killed yesterday. He then went with me to the fish house and threw out wheat for my fowls. Have a pretty parcel, if no one interferes with them. I received a note from Mrs. Lipscomb this morning, who is sick, requesting me to send her something nourishing. As soon as we got breakfast, had Shakespeare saddled and Nan with a basket of different things rode to see her. Found her quite sick in bed with two little children, “babies,” to attend to. She was very thankful for what I sent. – – Nan will go again tomorrow if it’s a good day and carry some pickles and other little things. – – I cut out another flannel skirt for myself and made today. – – Martha finished twisting, knitting and sewing cotton. I tried to get her to confess about the soap and bring it back, but she showed no disposition to do so. So I expect to have to lose it all, but I think it nothing more than just to save it out of her wages if they remain all the year.