Sunday, 4th February, 1866

One of the coldest and most disagreeable days we have had this winter and all remained at home except Zac, who attended Zion and returned to dinner. Very few were there on account of the day. Partridge pie for dinner. Dellah’s week to cook. – – Hardie and I sent letters by Addison to Mr. Slaughter to take to Richmond. I wrote to Liv, and he to Danville, Mr. Slaughter, Ju, Billy Pollard and Mr. Ratcliffe.1Again Caroline declines to name Hardie’s correspondent in Danville. Mr. Slaughter is likely P. H. Slaughter, merchant at the C. H., Billy Pollard is William D. Pollard, the Deputy Clerk of Court we first met back on 11 October, 1864, and Mr. Ratcliffe remains unknown. Ju is Hardie’s brother. Brother Liv is at Lexington at V.M.I. Will go over in the morning.