Tuesday, 6th February, 1866

Bill, with the hands, finished off the lot fence they commenced some time ago. Too cold to plough. Washington taken sick this evening. – – Hardie rode to the Acquinton Church and purchased a pair of boots at $8. Returned to dinner. Zac brought me a letter from Pigeo when he came from school this evening. She is improving in her health, and I doubt not in her studies. Is very much pleased with her school. Delighted with her room mates, Miss Jeffries, Miss Sadie Hopson, Miss Power and herself included, making four.1We learned 5 October last that Caroline wished Kittie Power, probably the Lucy B. listed in the 1870 US Census in the Henrico household of the late Dr. Frederick Power, as a classmate of Pigeo at Dr. Goss’ school. She seems to have gotten her wish. We met the Powers first on 15 July, 1864. While Miss Jeffries remains unidentified, we met Miss Sadie’s father on 15 November, 1865, and Sadie two days later. Unfortunately, in 1872 Kitty Power, 20, and her mother Caroline, 49, will die within weeks of each other. Consumption, a.k.a. Tuberculosis. – – And very much attached to the family she lives with.