Thursday, 15th February, 1866

A bitter change has taken place in the weather. Had some rain last night and this morning everything is freezing and the wind blowing a cracker, and I am right much indisposed withall. Three ploughs started to work this morning, but I don’t know whether they ploughed much or not. The day has been so disagreeable. – – Bill and Hardie returned from the C. H. at one o’clk. Took a snack and went to bed. Hardie took a short nap. Bill slept till near sunset. I had the lamb brought from the office and carried in the dining room. It is so cold. Nan fed it and after waiting for the fire to die out in the stove all left the dining room. But Nan had a presentment that it would get in the stove as she opened the door to help extinguish the fire, but I laughed at the idea of anything going into the fire, and sure enough when she and Bill went down, found it in the stove burned to death. She and I had such a cry over it. It was such a promising pretty lamb and so fond of us all. – – But maybe it’s all for the best. It took up a great deal of her time from her studies and she would expose herself running out to see about first the lamb in the office, then her sheep in the garden, and her health is delicate anyway this winter. Had a chill yesterday and expects another tomorrow morning. I’ve made some strong coffee, and exposed to the night air again tonight, without sugar or cream. It has cured her in one instance. I am tired of quinine. Randall went to plough. Was sick yesterday after returning from the interment of his mother. – – Sent Mr. Edwards some dried peaches by Zac today.