Tuesday, 20th February, 1866

A bright and beautiful morning. I sent Martha to Mrs. George’s for my coarse cloth, 37 yds. She has woven it contrary to my instructions and has put me to a good deal of inconvenience. Will have to put a piece of cloth in my loom in order to have Patsy a dress. – – Cut out one for Martha and Nan, and I, with her to help, soon made it. An excellent woolen dress, @ 6 a yard for weaving and ten cts. for the doublecloth. – – Bill rode Fannie away on some business and returned to supper. Hardie has been out with his gun most of the day. Got me some stick for candles. – – Mrs. Slaughter sent my glasses and lamp home with the chimney broken to pieces. I must make Patrick give me another. Bill found two sows and eight pigs, some were drowned.