Wednesday, 21st February, 1866

Another very pretty day. The weather looks very much like gardening, but the ground is entirely too wet. – – Martha has been employed cleaning candlesticks, lamp, &c this evening. – – Deucalion Gregory came with Zac from school to spend the night. He is an exemplary nice youth. They sat up quite late in the parlor studying and playing dominoes. – – I laid down and took a nap. Arose quite early this morning and finished Martha’s dress before day. – – Bill rode to the Acquinton Church to collect interest on Mr. Houchings’ bond, which he has been promising to pay so long, but he seems to have made a great discovery. Thinks they have been paid. Hardie trimmed up my gravel road and put a frame around it, then went to the reedy marsh and got me some reeds for candle dipping. Returned at dark nearly very much fatigued. He is an obliging child, and I hope to see him doing a good business for himself before very long. – – I warped 30 yds. coarse cloth for Dellah to weave. She sized it while about dinner.