Thursday, 22nd February, 1866

Another pretty day. Zac and Caly started rather late to school.1Caly must be a nickname for Deucalion Gregory. Hardie took a cold breakfast and started to Ju’s to go in company with him to his Uncle Hardin’s to go partridge hunting. – – Returned at dark, and all went down to eat some cold pudding saved for them at dinner. – – Nan gets along remarkably well with her studies, though she frequently complains of headache. Went in the garden after dinner and had some dry grass burnt. Let the fire get away and had to call Jim (who was putting up ashes for lye) to assist in whipping it out. Did no serious damage, only frightened me a little. Nannie ironed her new underskirt beautifully this evening. I starched it for her after the boys started to school. She didn’t come out to see Caly this morning, complaining of headache.