Monday, 26th February, 1866

Another pretty day, but cold. I arose quite early and after breakfast had three gobblers picked and a couple of dunghill fowls to send by Bill, ½ bushel galavance peas, a bucket of molasses to Liv, a pullet to Rose, 16 bsh. wheat, 11 lbs. bacon, hams and shoulders, 5 each. – – Started ½ hour after sun, sent letters to Mary, Bake and Pigeo, and Hardie sent one to Danville, also sent a box of summer clothes to Pigeo, for Fred Power to take up to her by promise. Sent three dresses, two underskirt lining and trimming for dresses, and bodice and trimming for bonnet. – – Corbin drove the wagon, and Randolph went over on a visit. Carried 12 hogs and a hamper with fowls, two of corn. – – Then all of the boys went to court. Bill brought me letters from Bake and Liv, and Nannie one from Pigeo and one from Liv.