Thursday, 1 March, 1866

A very pretty day. – – Bill arrived in the wagon from Richmond about ten o’clk. Made some purchases, 10 lb. coffee @ $1 pr. lb., 10 lbs sugar @ 20 cts. pr lb., seine thread $13.50, sack salt $2.75, two bushels clover seed @ $9 pr. bushel, 1 gallon coal oil $1, some more little things not worth naming. Sold my turkeys @ $.30 pr. pound and dunghill fowls 7/6 pr. pair, wheat sold cheap $1.50 and $1.80 pr. bushel, bacon 18 cts. I had breakfast for him in the chamber and then we went in the garden.1Help!, see photo. Had it manured by Jim and Tom, and ploughed by Corbin. Transplanted ½ doz. rows silver skin onions by Patsy and Martha, and prepared a square for sowing peas tomorrow if it is a good day. – – Bill, Hardie and Zac (who returned early from school) assisted me in the garden. Did up asparagus hills and bed. Nannie’s suffering a good deal with sore throat, put a mustard plaster on it, and did various other things. – – Commenced dripping lye today and added grease for soap. The Col’s. first ½ session closed today. He will commence again Monday.