Saturday, 3rd March, 1866

Another pretty day for work. I would go in the garden again today, but I generally give Patsy and Martha every Saturday, so I had to put it off till next week. Zac and I sowed a row of pepper, and I planted some gourd seed in the onion hills, Liv sent me. Fixed the glass and had it put on hot bed. Mr. Robert Lee came for oats. Sold him $25 worth at $.60 pr. bushel. Randall carried 12 bushels corn to mill. Zac went to where the servants were ploughing for some of them to measure oats and found four asleep on pallets, and such beautiful weather for work. РРHardie came from Elsing Green to supper. Killed one wild turkey. Heard at the C. H. Cousin Betsy Gregory died suddenly this morning.1Indeed Elizabeth (Betsy) Southerland [Littlepage] Gregory of Piping Tree, wife of Dr. Fendall Gregory, had died. She was about 69. She and her family appear frequently in Caroline’s Journal.