Sunday, 4th March, 1866

A beautiful day, and I would like so much to have gone to the Piping Tree to take the last look on the features of one I loved very dearly on account of the sincere love and attachment she has ever manifested for every member of the family. I hadn’t known how much I loved her till she is no more. Tears have been my balm of consolation today. I tried my best to get a way to go. Sent to get Ju’s mules, and I am certain if he had known how much I wanted to see the dear old lady, he would have loaned them. Notwithstanding, they had been ploughing. Our carriage horses were too feeble for the roads. No one attended Zion today. Hardie went alone to the Piping Tree on Fannie. Returned to supper and gave the particulars of her death. – – Let Martha go with the rest of the servants in the big boat to spend the day in King and Queen and attendĀ Bruington Church. Addison took her place. I walked up to the quarters today. Dellah cooked dinner, had a wild turkey. – – Zac and Bill took a walk and got some cresses.1Creasy Greens