Monday, 5th March, 1866

Really cold, some ice this morning. Had four more rows planted in Irish potatoes and the rest of my onions planted. – – Ann Harris came to buy sweet and Irish potatoes to plant. Promised her a bushel of sweet and let her have a few Irish, for which she is to bring me a shad when she comes for the sweet potatoes.1Ann Harris, probably in her early 40s, is likely the widow of Sterling Harris mentioned in the footnote on 11 December, 1865. Hardie walked to Ju’s and went in the buggy with him to Cousin Betsy’s funeral, preached by Mr. Turpin at 4 o’clk. this evening. Spent the night at Ju’s. – – Nan’s throat is improving a little, but not enough for her to attend to her studies yet. She has lost a week and suffered a great deal most of the time. – – Bill rode away to see about his seine today, and his horse got away and went to Claiborne Hill’s, so he didn’t return till after eleven p.m. with his seine. Zac brought three letters, one from Bake to me, one from George to Hardie and one from Pigeo to himself. Zac and I wrote Bake today and sent the letters from school. Corbin brought me a basket of nice crepes this morning. – – The servants all seem very well contented and happy, but they are so uncertain and flighty in their notion.