Tuesday, 6th March, 1866

Cold, but clear. Hardie arrived from Ju’s at nine or ten. Reached there too late last night to come home. – – Fixed up a nice snack of wild turkey, beef and rabbit for Zac to invite the Col. and Frank to join him in, as he took lunch with them yesterday. He and I sent letters to Bake today. – – Hardie went with me in the garden and assisted me in laying off the walks. Commenced about them this morning, after watering and closing up my hot bed. The seeds are not up through. Smart freeze last night, too hard to plough stiff land. Bill rode to see Mr. Terry about his boat. – – Dick Pemberton came to rent a piece of land for a fisherman to build a shanty on.1This would be farmer Richard C. Pemberton, about 36 in 1866. He lived nearby with wife Sarah. Agreed to let him have it for $15. Wants it two months.