Wednesday, 7th March, 1866

The weather regularly cold, winter in earnest. Got the spring fever. Seems to be coming on with us all. We do not rise as early as we dld. I am always the first one to wake. Have been making my own fire for the last week. To gratify Dandridge, I permitted Martha to sleep at the quarters with the family. He said he wanted all to be together and on their own hook, where they could lie down Master and Mistress, and as far as possible their wishes are accomplished. Martha generally brings in a nice parcel of wood and something to kindle the fire, and I have no trouble to make it, unless a piece of wood is rather heavy for me. – – Zac brought me a letter from the Col. expressing his entire satisfaction of his deportment and application to his studies during the time has been at school. – – There was a perfect understanding between the Col. and myself, as regards his attendance there and his charges were not altogether satisfactory to me, and I shall write him to that effect in the morning. He writes me that he has so modified his time as to require one half of the present session commencing 5th of Mar. in advance. – – I am repairing pants for the boys the last several days. Have my hands pretty full at all times. Have not many spare moments. Nan’s still suffering with sore throat.