Wednesday, 21st March, 1866

A very good day, but a little windy. I walked up to the quarters. Washington hauling manure with Jim today, as one of the mules sick and he can’t plough. Had her given alum and salt peter as a drench, then blanketed. Think she is affected with gaules.1Galls. – – Bill rode Fannie round to Spring Field and other places today.2Caroline previously has rendered Springfield as one word. See 29 May, 1865 for details. Ten days ago Bill visited Springfield “to see George.” Returned to supper. Had the first baked shad for dinner. Zac went to school, but the Col. was not there, so there is no school this week so far. I suppose urgent business keeps him in Richmond. – – Nan studies all her lessons, and I hear them all, and job the rest of the time doing Martha’s business, &c. Rather out of our line or routine, but we do it cheerfully, a little piqued though at times at the idea of her spending quite so long a time on a trip of pleasure, regardless of consequences, but maybe it’s all right. “Every dog will have his day,” as the saying is. – – The boys went in the kitchen tonight and made a preparation of ointment. John thought it would kill or cure the mule. – – I think she is rather better. I gave her some meal about twilight, she ate it ravenously. – – Hardie and Zac tried to catch a shad, but only caught a couple of ailwives. Took off the facing of my black calico dress to turn, and Nan an under skirt.