Tuesday, 27th March, 1866

A genuine winter spell for the last several days. Hardie and Zac went floating this evening. Came in to supper with 15 shad. Returned again and caught nine more, making 98 in all. It is so cold the seine freezes when they take it up out of the water. Patsy ironed today. I went out and smoothed the skirt of my dress. – – Nan put her feet in hot water and used mutton suet. She has a dreadful cold. – – Mr. Crouch and another gentleman came to look at the sheep.1No likely Mr. Crouch appears in KW tax or census records. (Crouch is a family name more associated with King & Queen County.) He will appear here for about another month conducting business with the Littlepages. If any of our readers have a suggestion as to the identity of Mr. Crouch, please advise.