Wednesday, 28th March, 1866

The weather still settled cold. – – Mr. Crouch and North came to breakfast. Sold them an ewe and her lamb for $8.pd.1As with his companion, I have been unable to locate a likely Mr. North. North is not a common surname in the region. – – Sent Addison to ask Mag for some yeast, sent her some yard long snaps.- – And when he returned, had to go back immediately for Ju to see Randolph, who is much worse after getting better of measles. Hardie walked to Mr. Cobb’s for the seine. I should have sent the balance of the money, but didn’t know the amount till I asked Bill, $4.75 due on the seine now, paid $5. – – William Edwards informed Bill that Mr. Hillyard would be unable to send the boat down according to contract, so Bill started Jim off in the oxcart immediately for it. – – I’ve been bothered half the day looking for a memorandum book and at last remembered that Liv carried it away with him. Said he wanted it. – – I arose quite early this morning and cut out two pair coarse sheets and half doz. napkins. Hope to make them in process of fine, for really I am heavily taxed right now and I do not neglect Nan with her studies, knowing the importance of it, and she is very studious.