Friday, 30th March, 1866

Another good day, but steadily cold. Liv arrived soon after breakfast. Came to Ju’s last evening in the buggy with George Tebbs. Brought me some seed of different kinds. I sowed some radish seed this evening, some on the asparagus beds, hot bed and plant bed. Hope they will succeed in one or the other place. – – Patsy’s spinning, it’s too cold to be out. – – Hardie finished hanging the seine and he and Zac went out. Took Nan in the boat with them and she staid till after twilight enjoying the moonlight and novelty of catching shad exceedingly. They then put out the new seine and are very much pleased with it. – – After supper, she, Liv and Bill went in the parlor and staid some time. They sang with her. Liv is of a happy, cheerful temperament, nothing puts him down. – – He brought Zac a letter from Bake and gave me one he received from Pigeo to read. – – I finished turning my black dress this evening. I believe it has been a week since I commenced it. – – Ju came to see Randolph this morning. Informed us that the Col. had come, so Zac went up to school, but returned to dinner, has lost a fortnight. – – Hardie and Zac came in and took some hot coffee, &c for supper, having caught 27 shad. Returned again and made up 36 in all, and came in about 4 o’clk. Hardie was the first one to ride already to take his shad to sell. He returned about nine, carried 40 shad, whole number caught 144. Got the new seine right badly torn.