Saturday, 31st March, 1866

The weather moderate. Hardie was the first to rise this morning after I did (I am always the first one up and generally call Bill). Made Hardie take some hot coffee before he started to the W. O. with his shad to sell 42, making the whole number caught 144. – – Liv went out to do some repairs to the buggy. Came on to rain and was showery the rest of the day till late in the evening. Liv, Nan and myself went down and took a snack and shortly after Bill came, and soon after that Zac returned from Hillyard’s where he had been for oars for the boat, but he had not made them. Bill went out with Hardie this evening. Only caught 8 shad, making 152 in all. Addison ground up coffee, beat pepper, &c, &c. He improves right much, is a right useful boy. Squared up with hirelings this evening. Paid them up to the first of March. – – I brought some tobacco from Liv, just to treat John occasionally. Gave Corbin $5 this morning. Said he was going to Richmond. We have advanced to him more than he is due. – – Dellah went to visit her mother today.