Sunday, 1st April, 1866

A beautiful day. All except Bill attended Church. Hardie and Zac in the buggy, the rest of us in the carriage, Shakespeare to the buggy and Fannie and George to the carriage, Washington to drive. Liv and Hardie got out and went by Ju’s to dinner and walked home to supper. – – Nan and I took a walk on the river bank to see her turkey nest, we were so lonesome. – – Zac’s writing to Bake. Received a note from Miss Agnes Slaughter requesting me to assist her in breaking up corn ground. If I can, I will.1Caroline clearly writes Miss Agnes Slaughter. This would call into question the 29th August, 1864 footnote suggesting the identity of the Mrs. Slaughter visiting Mag and her newborn at Oak Dale. Looking a bit deeper, the 1850 US census shows a Mary Slaughter, 66, heading a household that included Agnes, 44, Ellen, 30, and Sarah, 28. The 1860 US census shows Ag Slaughter, 45 now Head of Household, living with Sarah Slaughter, 33, and Ida Slaughter, 7. In the 1870 Census, Ellen, 50, is Head of Household while Agnes, 65, and Mary J., 16, are “without occupation.” In 1872 Ida, 18, (Mary J.?) will marry widower S. H. (Straughn) Lukhard. Ida’s parents are listed in the Marriage Register as Edward and S. J. Slaughter. This suggests it may have been Mrs. Sarah Slaughter who visited Mag almost two years ago, not Agnes. (The available documentation that would clarify the family relationships of Mary, Agnes, Ellen, Sarah, Edward, S.J., Ida, and Mary J. Slaughter is very ambiguous. If any of our readers have information about this family, please contact me.)  – – First hen since Xmas hatched and came out this morning, and we called by to see old Mrs. Lipscomb as we returned from Church. She seems to be getting along very well. Gave me some early corn.