Friday, 6th April, 1866

The most beautiful weather I ever saw. Mr. Pitross (the gentleman who came for hides yesterday evening) left after breakfast (with 7 hides).1Does anyone see anything else but “Pitross?” Click on his name to see the original text. – – Sold the last bushel potatoes this morning to Claiborne.2Probably Maj. Claiborne Johnson Hill. They have been a greater demand than I ever knew them. – – Liv left for Richmond this morning, Gave him $35 to purchase a cooking stove. Let him have $5, gave him $2 to purchase Fulton’s Bookkeeping for Zac and another book to return or exchange.3George W. Eastman, Jr., the son of the co-author of Fulton’s, would add a new word to our language, Kodak.Gave him $1 to purchase a net for Nan, and fifty cents for seed, stamps and John’s tobacco he had purchased. Also sent Pigeo’s muslin and some cakes. Took up chamber carpet and Patsy cleaned the floor. – – Filled a straw bed, made up several beds, the first thing of the kind she ever did for me. – – Corned the shad Liv and Hardie took to the W. O. this morning. Were not in time to sell them, 45 in number. They returned about eleven. Liv was disappointed in getting a conveyance to Richmond. – – Nan had a chill ½ past nine and was in bed the rest of the day. And, Oh me! I am so tired when the day is at an end, I almost go to sleep undressing. – – Had the first asparagus today. Hardie attended a party at Mrs. Hill’s this evening. Bill and Liv were invited also. Hal promised him the other day to send me a mate for the canary. ——— 275 in all.4“275 in all” refers to Caroline’s running total of shad caught this spring.