Saturday, 7th April, 1866

Quite a change in the weather during the night. Had a slight rain last night and soon turned very cold. – – Two women came for potato seed this morning. I told them they could try and pick out ½ bushel, though I hardly thought there were as many there. They said Washington would pay for them, but I soon disabused her mind, and they went home without them as they had no money. – – I weeded a row of peas today and it really tired me as much as if I had weeded a square. – – I finished a pair of coarse sheets today I commenced yesterday, and wrote a letter to Rose this morning before breakfast, thinking Liv would leave for Richmond, but on reaching the W.O. where Zac took him in the boat, he found himself again disappointed and spent the day there to my very great chagrin. I gave Zac quite a reprimand. Bill went to the mill this evening. Took Hardie’s pistol with him.1Click on the word pistol to see Bill Littlepage’s Civil War revolver. It is an 1861 Remington, probably very similar to Hardie’s. It is now owned by David Littlepage, a great grandson of Bill. Thanks to Jenny Littlepage Wilkinson for sharing the photograph. – – It’s now Saturday night and Hardie has not returned from Mrs. Hill’s yet. Think he must be enjoying himself finely. Frederick sent Tom for a peck of potatoes. He owes me for them. Had my second asparagus today. – – Nan is very much wasted from one chill. – – My Irish potatoes are coming up finely, and my potato bed is nearly covered over with plants, cornlings are up, &c. Liv went to have feeding done for Bill tonight. – – How cartam exciting the W. O. shore is now.2The transcriber renders these two words “cartam exciting.” I don’t think so, but remain stumped. Click on the phrase and tell us what you think. BTW, I love the word “cornlings.” Another word I have never heard before, but the meaning is clear. Zac had been much better employed at his books, I think.